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Foster Child – National Film Board Film by Gil Cardinal
Filmmaker Gil Cardinal searches for his biological family to try and understand how he ended up in foster care as an infant. In his search, Cardinal encounters frustration and loss, but eventually finds answers and a new appreciation of his Métis culture.


February 14, 2008 Globe and Mail article on aging out

When Youth Age Out of Care – Where To From There

Federal government launches new program to reduce youth crime

Here to Help – talking to children and youth

Children identity rights

Promoting Positive Outcomes for Youth from Care

Mayor’s Task Force on Breaking the Cycle of Mental Illness, Addictions and Homelessness – A Victoria Model

Foster Parents

Fostering in BC

Foster Parent Vancouver Island Support Networking

Foster Parent Training

Foster Family Handbook

Foster Care Today

Useful tips for youth leaving care

Prospective Foster Parent

Foster Care Information for Parents and Adopters

How to become a foster parent

Foster Parent Support Services Society

Approval Process

Foster Parent Support Systems

Networks of support

Foster Family Support Services

Foster Parent Organizations


The National Aboriginal News

Child Support Processes

General Articles

Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care

Mental health services for children in foster care

Special Needs Parenting

Children with autism

Foster Parenting Community message boards

Wikipedia Definition of Foster Parenting

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Foster Parent Associations


Canadian Foster Family Association

Alberta Foster Parent

BC Federation of Foster Parent

Durham Children’s Aid Society

Manitoba Foster Family Network

New Brunswick Foster Family Care

New Foundland and Labardor Foster Families

NWT Foster Family Care

Nova Scotia Foster Care

Ontario Foster Parents Sociey

Quebec Foster Families

Saskatchewan Foster Families

Yellowknife Foster Family

Yukon Foster Care

United States

Alabama Foster Care

Alaska Foster Care

Arkansas Foster Care

Arizona Foster and Adoptive Parent

Connecticut Foster and Adoptive Parent

Colorado Foster Parent

Delaware Foster Care

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent

Georgia Adoptive and Foster Care

Hawaii Foster Parent

Illinois Foster and Adoptive Parent

Indiana Foster Care

Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parent

Kentucky Foster and Adoptive Parent

Maine Foster Care

Maryland Foster Care

Michigan Foster Care

Minnesota Foster Care

Missouri Foster Care

Montana Foster Parent

Nebraska Foster Parent

Nevada Adoptive and Foster Care

New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent

Oklahoma Foster Care

Oregon Foster Parenting

Rhode Island Foster Parent

South Carolina Foster Care

Tennessee Foster Adoptive Care

Utah Foster Adoptive Care

Virginia Foster Care and Adoption

Washington Foster Parent

West Virginia Foster Care

Wyoming Foster Care/Adoption Parent

Foster Parent Training

Foster Parent Association Directory


Government Children’s Ministries

California Foster Care

New Jersey Foster Care

North Carolina Foster Care

Texas Adoption and Foster Care

Wisconsin Foster Care

Help for Kids & Teens

Representative for Children and Youth BC

Youth Communications

Emotional Abuse and Bullying

Growth Central

Keep Kids Safe

Kidz World

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